AxanLab is Molecular Neurobiology Research Laboratory, set up by Principle Investigator Isil Aksan Kurnaz on 2004 at Yeditepe University. Since September 2014, AxanLab has relocated to its new home at Gebze Technical University, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, and continues its investigations there.

We have so far graduated many MSc and PhD students, in addition to a huge number of interns and undergrad project students, all of whom are considered AxanLab alumni.

AxanLab is an official Brain Awareness Week partner.

We hope that our research will help direct specific neuroregeneration and prolonged survival/neuroprotection of neural stem cells. To that end we are collaborating with biotech start-ups in microfluidic applications.  In Molecular Oncology, we are also teaming up with biopharma companies to screen novel anti-cancer drug targets.

Our recent 1003 collaborative project (coord: Tunahan Cakır) aims at identifying novel targets towards Parkinson treatment using bioinformatic approaches.